Friday, August 16, 2013

Top 10 Calcium Sources

#1: Dark Leafy Greens (Watercress)
Calcium in 100g (Raw)1 Cup (Chopped - 34g)10 Sprigs (25g)
120mg (12% DV)41mg (8% DV)30mg (3% DV)
Other Greens High in Calcium (%DV per cup, chopped, raw): Curly Kale (14%), Dandelion Greens (10%), Turnip Greens (10%), Arugula (6%), and Collards (5%).

#2: Low Fat Cheese (Mozzarella Nonfat)
Calcium in 100g1 Cup (Shredded - 113g)1 ounce serving (28g)
961mg (95% DV)1086mg (109% DV)269mg (27% DV)
Other Cheeses High in Calcium (%DV per ounce): Low Fat Swiss (27%), Reduced Fat Parmesan (31%) and Cottage Cheese 2% Fat (2%). 

#3: Low Fat Milk & Yogurt (Nonfat Milk)
Calcium in 100g1 Cup (245g)Per fluid ounce (31g)
125mg (13% DV)306mg (31% DV)39mg (4% DV)
Other Dairy High in Calcium (%DV per cup): Nonfat yogurt (49%) and Low Fat Yogurt (45%). 

#4: Chinese Cabbage (Pak Choi, Bok Choy)
Calcium in 100g (Raw)1 Cup (Shredded - 70g)1 head (Raw-
105mg (11% DV)74mg (7% DV)882mg (88% DV)
Other Cabbage (%DV per cup cooked): Green Cabbage Cooked (4% DV), Red Leaf Cabbage Cooked (3% DV). 

#5: Fortified Soy Products (Tofu, Prepared with Calcium Sulphate)
Calcium in 100g (Raw)1/2 Cup (Raw - 124g)1/2 Cup Fried (124g)
350mg (35% DV)434mg (43% DV)1192mg (119% DV)
Other Soy Products High in Calcium (%DV per 1/2 cup): Nonfat Soy Milk with added calcium and vitamins A and D (13%) and Unsweetened Soy Milk with added calcium and vitamins (13%).

#6: Okra (Cooked)
Calcium in 100g1 cup sliced (160g)8 Pods (85g)
77mg (8% DV)124mg (12% DV)65mg (7% DV)

#7: Broccoli
Calcium in 100g (Raw)1 Cup (Chopped - 91g)Per Cup Cooked (156g)
47mg (5% DV)43mg (4% DV)62mg (6% DV)
One cup of cooked broccoli, boiled in water contains just 54 calories.

#8: Green Snap Beans
Calcium in 100g (Raw)1 Cup Raw(110g)Per Cup Cooked (125g)
37mg (4% DV)41mg (4% DV)55mg (6% DV)
One cup of cooked green snap beans, boiled in water contains just 44 calories.

#9: Almonds
Calcium in 100g1 Cup Whole (143g)1 oz serving (28g)
264mg (26% DV)378mg (38% DV)74mg (7% DV)
A one ounce (28g) serving of almonds, which is about 23 kernels, contains 161 calories. 

#10: Fish Canned (Sardines, in Oil, with Bones)
Calcium in 100g1 Cup (Drained - 149g)Per ounce serving (28g)
383mg (38% DV)569mg (57% DV)107mg (11% DV)
Other Canned Fish High in Calcium (%DV per ounce serving): Pink Salmon (8%), Anchovies (6%) and Shrimp (4%). 

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